Oklahoma Reional Volleyball Association

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To participate in a sanctioned event (i.e. tryout, practice, tournament etc.) you must be a registered member of USA Volleyball. For members living in Oklahoma, you must register through OKRVA. The registration process is done solely online. For junior members, you must register and have your new membership number in-hand before you tryout. You will need to choose the "undecided" category for club affiliation. If you pay with a credit card, your membership number will be issued as soon as your credit card is processed. If you choose to send a check, you will need to apply online, print the application form, sign where indicated and send along with a check for $55 to the region office at 18605 Alberto Place, Edmond, OK 73012. It will take time to manually process your membership number so please allow for mailing/processing time before your tryouts. After the tryout season is over, your club director will send the region office a preliminary roster and you will then be assigned to your particular club. All questions can be forwarded to the OKRVA Registrar at the following email address: registrar@okrva.com .


If you are transferring from another Region, please contact the Registrar before attempting the registration process.


New Members:


Current/Renewing Members:




*Login/Password request will only work once, using ANY email address to retrieve your information. After you request the login/password, your account will be considered "activated" even though you may have not yet completed your registration application. Please keep a record of your username and password!

18605 Alberto Place
Edmond, OK 73012