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Helpful Hints For Starting A Successful Junior Program


How to Register? When to Register?

  • Players
  • Coaches
  • Chaperones
  • Team (at least 6 members plus 1 coach per team)

Registration with OKRVA/USAV is completed online at the following link: http://okrva.com/registration.shtml. All players, coaches and chaperones must be registered before participating in OKRVA sanctioned events including tryouts, scrimmages, practices, clinics and tournaments. Memberships expire on October 31st each year. Registration begins on September 1st each year.

Medical Release Forms

Each Junior player must have a medical release form on file. The Coach must carry a signed copy of the medical form with them at all times. It is best to have a copy on file with the Club Officers as well. There is no need to file a copy with the OkRVA office.


  • Impact
  • Officials
  • Parental

Each team must have an IMPACT certified coach and a minimum of 3 certified officials (2referees and a scorekeeper). OkRVA will host these clinics and they will be announced either with direct mailing or through the “Attackline” newsletter.

The Parent Clinic is an informal meeting that a club can schedule with the Commissioner that can be used to “educate” parents into the Club system. These are not mandatory only complimentary.


  • Try and have a team/club guidelines manual prepared BEFORE the season begins.
  • Do not allow any player, coach OR parent to participate in any form of physical activity (running drills, playing, shagging…….etc) without the individual filling out the Registration form for Adults or the Medical Release form for the junior participant.
  • Do not allow a parent to drive another player (other than their own child) without a Chaperon form, which has been completed.
  • Have a First Aid kit on hand for all practices.
  • Make sure your Club Director and/or coach has requested a sanction from the Commissioner to cover all practices and tryouts with insurance and to be in compliance with the Guidelines for a Junior Club before either are conducted.

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