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2023 All-Star Championships

OKRVA Team Information

Information regarding OKRVA teams projected for the 2023 All-Star Championships in Ft. Lauderdale, FL are now available [click here].  Player tryouts will be Friday, May 5 at the Bennett Event Center on the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds.

Coaches willing to volunteer to assist with the event may complete this form to register to assist with the tryouts.

Please let the Region know if you have any questions.

2023 JNC Qualifier Bids

Kaizen Boys 16 Black16 USASouthwest Boys Classic (Austin)
Feb 2023
Tulsa Power 18-118 AmericanAVC 18s Qualifier (Dallas)
Feb 2023
OP2 18-1 EP18 NationalOKRVA 18s Bid Qualifier (Edmond)
Mar 2023
OK Elevate 18-118 AmericanOKRVA 18s Bid Qualifier (Edmond)
Mar 2023
Virago 18-118 FreedomOKRVA 18s Bid Qualifier (Edmond)
Mar 2023
OK Charge 16 UA16 USASunshine Volleyball Classic (Orlando)
Mar 2023
Tulsa Power 16-116 USARed Rock Rave (Las Vegas)
Mar 2023
OP2 15-1 EP15 USANorthern Lights Qualifier (Minneapolis)
Mar 2023
OP2 13-1 EP13 USAMidEast Qualifier (St. Louis)
March 2023
Ultimate 17 Elite17 USAShow-Me Qualifier (Kansas City)
Apr 2023
OK Charge 14 UA14 USALone Star Qualifier (Dallas)
Apr 2023
OP2 16-1 EP16 USALone Star Qualifier (Dallas)
Apr 2023
OP2 14-1 EP14 USASLC Showdown Qualifier (Salt Lake City)
Apr 2023

2022 OKRVA Beach Regional Championship Winners

Girls 12sJordyn Payne/Cassidy Williams
Virago Beach
Girls 13sAva Huneycutt/Ella Scorsone
The OC Beach
Girls 14sQuincee Carabello/Lanee Heflin
OK Nation Beach
Girls 16sAshley Thompson/Brooke Tyler
Blue Beach
Girls 18sLivia Ward/Addison Worley
OP2 Beach
Boys 16sKristopher Chong/Clayton Stefani
TBVC Beach

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2022 OKRVA Regional Championship Winners

Girls 10sOP2 10-1
Girls 11sOK Charge 11 UA
Girls 12sOP2 12-1
Girls 13sOK Charge 13 UA
Girls 14sUPVBC 14 Open
Girls 15sOK Charge 15 UA
Girls 16sOP2 16-1
Girls 17sUPVBC 17 Open
Girls 18sHeat VBC 18 Black
Girls 12s ClubClub Ace 12-1
Girls 13s ClubOK Premier 13P-Miranda
Girls 14s ClubOK Premier 14 National
Girls 15s ClubThe OC 15 Elite
Girls 16s ClubWind 16s
Boys 14s417 Juniors (MO) 14 Black
Boys 18sKaizen 16 Black
Boys 18s ClubKEVC (TX) 18U

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The OKRVA Board of Directors wishes to secure additional officials for the upcoming 2021-22 club season and cover all upfront costs.

Officials new to USAV and OKRVA or those coming off a long absence of club volleyball officiating will be reimbursed all fees associated with OKRVA, USAV, and the background check in exchange for completing the online training.

There are numerous tournaments taking place in Oklahoma and surrounding states where officials can make $300 to $400 or more in a weekend and up to a couple of hundred dollars at a few one day events.  Officials are needed in Tulsa almost every weekend January through April.  OKC has a handful of events as well.

OKRVA will cover all upfront fees in exchange for the completion of the online training.  Please consider this opportunity for 2021-22 and reach out to darin@okrva.com for further information and to receive the next steps for the online training.

The Oklahoma Region Volleyball Association (OKRVA) is a non-profit member organization of USA Volleyball (USAV).  The USAV is the national governing body for volleyball in the United States.  Administration of the Region is organized and governed by an elected board of directors.  The primary function of our region is the education of players, officials, and the general public in all the aspects of the sport of volleyball.

OKRVA acts as a liaison for promotion of the sport along with the other regions in the country.  The region is involved in adult, junior, and youth volleyball programs and registers members.  To participate in sanctioned events, each player and coach must be an active member of OKRVA.  When you become a member of the Region, you become a member of USAV.

Currently, the most common affiliation with OKRVA comes through Junior Club Volleyball.  The region also supports Paralympic Volleyball, High Performance/All-Star volleyball, adult tournaments, and the NTDP – a national pipeline to emerging talent.

For any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact the region.  We welcome your input.