A Message to Parents

OKRVA Statement Regarding Pressuring of Players – The region occasionally hears concerns from players/parents about players feeling pressured by coaches/clubs to sign by a certain date/time. Below is a series of statements to make clear the Region’s philosophy on this issue:

  • It is the intent of the Oklahoma Region to encourage players to try out for more than one club if they choose.
  • It is the Region’s intent that players are not pressured into a verbal commitment due to a coach/club establishing an unreasonable date/time for a decision.
  • A decision to join a team/club is an individual decision that should be made by a parent/player alone free from club pressure. Gathering players together after a tryout, stating “this is their team” and asking for commitments should be considered pressuring.
  • When a player receives an offer to commit, she/he needs to decide within a reasonable amount of time. Delaying a decision affects many other players who are also waiting for an offer to commit.
  • Players/Parents should understand that teams/clubs need to know a player’s decision in a timely manner to move on to the next player.
  • No player/parent should be asked to sign a contract before the region[1]approved signing dates. Contracts are not binding until the signing date.
  • If a player feels pressured into a decision before, they have gone to other clubs’ tryouts, she/he should contact the Region Commissioner at okrva@cox.net.

Congrats to the U.S. Women’s Sitting National Team on their Gold Medal at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

USAV Junior Player Age Definition

GJNC National Qualifier Bids

OK Charge 13UAMideast Qualifier
OP2 13EPNorthern Lights
Club ONE 14 BlackShow MeLone Star
Club ONE 15 BlackLone Star
OP2 16EPShow Me
UPVBC 17 NationalShow MeLone Star

Indoor Regional Champions

OK Charge 11UA OP2 12EP OP2 13EP OK Charge 14UA OK Charge 15UA OK Charge 16UA OP2 17EP

Beach Regional Champions

12U 12U 14U 16U 18U

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

12U Boys

[OP2 Beach]

[Tulsa Boys]

[OP2 Beach]



[OP2 Beach]

[The OC Beach]


[OK Nation]

[The OC Beach]

[OK Nation]


[OP2 Beach]

[OK Nation]

[Vertical Beach]


[OP2 Beach]

[OKC Sharks]

Congratulations to former OKRVA athlete Micha Hancock and her USA Women’s Olympic teammates for their Olympic Gold at Tokyo!  

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OKRVA would like to pass along our condolences to the family and friends of Joe Windes.  Joe, retired volleyball official, passed away on September 22, 2021.

He was a charter member of OVOA (Oklahoma High School Volleyball Officials) and, for many years, the secretary of the organization. He retired from officiating last year because of declining health.  Joe also officiated Club Volleyball for many years. His son, Carter, started refereeing this year. A daughter played volleyball at OU and Carter played boys volleyball back when the closest boys teams were in the Dallas area.  In addition to officiating, Joe played baseball at OU and is a member of the US Senior Softball Hall of Fame. He played numerous musical instruments.

There will be a memorial service Thursday, September 30th at 2 PM at First Baptist Church, 211 West Comanche St (in Hallock Hall) Norman, OK.


The Oklahoma Region Volleyball Association (OKRVA) is a non-profit member organization of USA Volleyball (USAV). The USAV is the national governing body for volleyball in the United States. Administration of the Region is organized and governed by an elected board of directors. The primary function of our region is the education of players, officials, and the general public in all the aspects of the sport of volleyball.

OKRVA acts as a liaison for promotion of the sport along with the other regions in the country. The region is involved in adult, junior, and youth volleyball programs and registers members. To participate in sanctioned events, each player and coach must be an active member of OKRVA. When you become a member of the Region, you become a member of USAV.

Currently, the most common affiliation with OKRVA comes through Junior Club Volleyball. The region also supports adult tournaments, disabled volleyball, and High Performance volleyball – a national pipeline to emerging talent. For any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact the region. We welcome your input.