Rule Update- Changing Sides

USAV 18.2.1: The default protocol is for each team to remain on their respective side of the court throughout the match, including the deciding set.


  • The event organizer determines there is a clear disadvantage on only one side of the court.
  • In the case of a clear disadvantage, the decision to change courts will remain in effect for the duration of the match but may change for a subsequent match.
  • The event organizer may determine that a change of courts will take place between sets and during a deciding set for all matches.

NOTE: The decision to change or not change courts is not grounds for a protest.

USAV 18.2.2: If the teams will change courts during the deciding set in accordance with USAV or USAV, the change of courts takes place when the leading team reaches 8 points. If the change is not made once the leading team reaches 8 points, it will take place as soon as the error is noticed. The score at the time the change is made remains the same. (see also 6.3.2, 7.4.1,

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