Sanction Request – Tournament

OKRVA Tournament Sanction Requests Procedures

Tournaments provide a great opportunity for the growth of volleyball within the Oklahoma Region.  It is the purpose of the region to sanction events members of OKRVA can trust to provide an optimum experience.

The priority of the region is that every Oklahoma region tournament has the chance to promote an event that will provide enough teams on the day of the tournament for an adequate day of competition.  The number of tournaments must be controlled to avoid saturating the market on any given weekend.  Teams should expect an event will not be cancelled leaving no time to find a replacement tournament.  Teams should expect to play in a tournament with enough teams to provide a full day of competition, preferably with multiple pools in an age group.

Tournament Limits

  • Each host may submit up to ten sanction requests ahead of the deadline. 
    • If a host wishes to request more than ten sanctioned events, submit the ten most important first and then submit additional sanctions following the first deadline.
  • Each host may not submit requests for more ages than capable of hosting in available venues.

Sanction requests for the 2020-2021 season are due by date August 9th.  Requests submitted after the deadline will still be accepted for review. Requests are approved based on the following criteria.

  • history and quality of the tournament and the host
  • saturation within the requested market area

To host a USAV tournament, the host agrees to the following:

  1. to secure current membership in USAV in the Oklahoma Region
  2. to conduct any event in accordance with the rules and regulations of OKRVA, USA Volleyball, the facility being used, and within accordance of the Director’s Guide to Tournaments
  3. to pay $15 per team attending the event
  4. to forward paperwork to the OKRVA office as detailed in the Director’s Guide to Tournaments
  5. to submit all scores into Advanced Event Systems by midnight the Monday following the tournament
  6. to not cancel an approved event or age division without contacting the OKRVA office
  7. to not add or remove divisions in AES as scheduled by the OKRVA office
  8. to not request sanctioning for more divisions than capable of hosting on the courts secured

Violation of any policy may lead to the approval of current or future events being denied or repealed. Cancelling an event or age division without approval from the OKRVA office may lead to the host still paying sanction fees for the number of teams expected to attend.

Please complete the fields below to submit a request to host a tournament within the OKRVA region.