Area Tryout Scheduling

We will be having our annual Club Directors Tryout Meeting on Sunday, August 11th.

The Oklahoma City area will meet at the UCO Wellness Center at 6:00pm, 100 North University Drive, Edmond. OK.

The meeting for the Tulsa area will be held at the Union Freshman Academy, located at 7616 S. Garnett, Room 2426, 6:30pm on Sunday, August 11th.  Enter the northern most entrance from Garnett (near the neighborhood) and drive along the north side of the building.  Park at the end of the road before it turns back to the left.  Enter the last set of doors along the north side of the building near the NW corner.  Proceed up the stairs just inside those doors.  Once inside the building upstairs, turn left at the first hall and walk to room 2426 on the left.  Darin Thompson, OKRVA Board Member, will facilitate the Tulsa meeting.

The tryout parameters will be approved by the OKRVA Board of Directors at our annual meeting earlier on August 11th.