1a Refund Information


The Oklahoma Region will only refund membership purchases if the member has not been selected for a club team for the current season.   And USAV will only refund their portion of the membership fees if the member has not participated in any sanctioned events and only if the refund is requested within 45 days from registration.   Special cases of hardship and injury prior to using a full membership will be examined on a case-by-case basis. If a refund is going to be approved, credit card service fees will be applied. If time has passed since the purchase of the membership and a refund is granted, only a portion of the membership will be refunded.


Any refund after a membership has been used for a clinic, tryout, practice, tournament of High Performance tryout will not be refunded in full as a portion needs to remain intact for future insurance and membership claims


If you feel your credit card has been charged twice in error, palease contact registrar@okrva.com or call 405-285-6622. Do NOT issue a disputed claim on your credit card. Any chargeback / disputed claim that comes back to the region will result in a Region Hold being placed on the member’s account until the additional amount that the Region is charged (sometimes up to $50 per claim) is paid back, regardless if the money is refunded. A Region Hold prevents any participation in any capacity, and the club will be notified.