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The priority of the region is that every Oklahoma region tournament has the chance to promote an event that will provide enough teams on the day of the tournament for an adequate day of competition.  The number of tournaments must be controlled to avoid saturating the market on any given weekend.  Teams should expect an event will not be cancelled leaving no time to find a replacement tournament.  Teams should expect to play in a tournament with enough teams to provide a full day of competition, preferably with multiple pools in an age group.

Here is some important information regarding the hosting of tournaments.

  • Tournaments are not to be posted or advertised until they are posted on AES by the region office.
  • Registration for all tournaments will be via AES.  Tournament directors who accept teams that are not registered through AES risk losing sanctioning for future tournaments.
  • Requests received by the deadline will be given priority.  Any request received after deadline will be worked in where possible.
  • For the past several years, we have received more requests for tournaments than can reasonably hosted without saturating the market and leaving tournaments scrambling for teams.  You may be asked to change ages or dates.  Moreover, we may not be able to honor your request.  Please email the region if it seems there is an opening for an event that was denied.
  • All tournaments must be seeded by the OKRVA Seedings Coordinator unless permission is granted otherwise.  A list of teams must be sent to at least one week out from your event.
  • All events must be organized by guidelines in the OKRVA Tournament Director’s Guide posted online at
  • If there are any questions related to formatting pools and brackets, please contact the region office for assistance.
  • We may limit the number of teams allowed in your tournaments even if you have space for them due to honoring other requests.
  • The region office must approve any format that calls for pools set up with a varying number of teams in the same age division.  Ex: nine teams split into two pools of four and five.
  • Sanction fees are $15/team and must be submitted within two weeks after the event. Fees increase to $30/team if not received by the deadline.